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Press the F7 journal button or click on voucher entry which is located at the right side of the screen. Then press the F7 key which is the shortcut for journal voucher entry. Make changes in the date by hitting the F2 as the shortcut key or simply click on the date button which is the top right of the screen.

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Journal voucher definition is - a paper in accounting that authorizes an entry in a journal or a paper that constitutes an authorized entry for direct posting.

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The definition of One voucher does not cover cases where journal names are set up as One voucher number only, but the user then enters a voucher that includes only ledger account types. In this topic, One voucher means that there is a single voucher that contains more than one vendor, customer, bank, fixed asset, or project.

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A Journal voucher template is a written document that authorizes any financial transaction that meets the basic requirements. It is a vital component for audit purposes. Purchase Voucher Template


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So in this blog of voucher entry series we all will take a look at how a journal entry with voucher could be passed which involves a number of bank transactions which can only be entered with the help of a journal voucher in tally.

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journal voucher: A written authorization prepared for every financial transaction, or for every transaction that meets defined requirements. A journal voucher is an integral part of the audit trail, and carries (1) a serial number, (2) transaction date, (3) transaction amount, (4) ledger account(s) affected, (5) reference(s) to documentary

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Journal Voucher is a draft which needs to be approved before it is posted to the General Ledger - bottom line is it does not affect General Ledger dollars until it is approved and posted. Journal Entry is a real live document which updates the General Ledger dollars as soon as it is created.